Thursday, May 23, 2013

What is a Mooc? University classes for free?!

So I just signed up to World Education University online, one of the new phenomenon of these "MOOCs" that are basically free online University courses. They are even working towards being able to offer degrees, I wouldn't count on actual accreditation, but, whatever, you could still list it on your resume. I already have my BA, but am excited to be able to take an introductory course on Adobe Illustrator and an Intro. 2D Design course. If you're interested go to, it's not a scam, they pay for it by having online advertising and making you take surveys from time to time, apparently. I haven't actually started the coursework yet since I just signed up last night, but I will update on this blog with a review when I'm done in a couple months. DIYs that I have in the pipeline: *paper-covered boxes *painted rocking chair *dip-dyed scarf

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  1. MOOC u say?! Hahahahahahaha, I loveeeee it!