Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heart Tie-Dye Shirt

Here are instructions on how to dye a shape into something with a simple running stitch.  I had a white exercise racer-back tank that was looking a little dingy~ perfect candidate for a color update.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tasseled Scarf DIY Tutorial

Look at me!  Scarfs all over the place!  Well, this tutorial to tell you how I made the tasseled scarf pictured.  This is an easy craft that anyone could do, the most time-consuming part is making your own tassels.  If you'd like to skip that part you could buy ready made tassels, or maybe some tassel fringe by the yard from your fabric/craft store. I myself like to 1.) save money and 2.) occupy my hands while I watch trashy reality TV.  Somehow, I tell myself as I watch Joe Brown and make tassels, it's not that I'm reeeeaally watching the show, I just want "something in the background" as I work on my tassels, and hey, bonus if it teaches me a little something about law.  Right?  Here is my tutorial post on how I made my cheapie yarn tassels.  (note: the scarf has been through the wash in this pic, note how tassels are fabulously fluffed.)

Cut (or rip) the fabric on the grainlines to make a perfect 35" by 35" square, iron and finish edged however you like.  I went ahead and did a narrow hem (1/4") all the way around by folding the fabric under twice and then repressed.  I was using a lightweight rayon that I didn't think would fray nicely, but if you like the way your fabric looks frayed leave edge unfinished, or just sew a straight stitch a cm from edge to keep fray in check.  Maybe even use a twin needle for straight stitch to make it look nicer. 

Next I placed my tassels.  Now, I had already made 36 tassels ahead of time.  Feel free to add less or more to your taste.  Here is how I placed my tassels:

As you can see by the picture above, by this time my patience had run out and instead of sewing on the tassels like a good little girl, I took a shortcut- I snipped a little hole in my scarf (and I didn't even use fray-check >_<) near the edge and just double knotted them on!  I snipped the ends off the knot off course.  But, hey, you can't tell, and all's well that ends well!  

Shared at: Sew Can Do 

Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Make your own DIY Tassels

Hello!  I wanted to embellish a scarf with some tassels, but didn't want to pay too much money to do so.  Here is an easy way to make your own tassels using just yarn.  You could use whatever cord or even thread you had lying around to make tassels as well.  The size of the paper determines the size of your tassels.  Mine were 2.5" long.  I wrapped my yarn around the paper 14 times.

I had to end up washing my scarf right after I attached the yarn tassels (loong story) and they fluffed out beautifully.  I thought they were going to look terrible, but I ended up loving how it looked.  Next post will be my scarf DIY.